Welcome To Start The Startup

We are a Las Vegas international accelerator. Start The Startup’s mission is to assist people at any stage of their business to live the dream of being successful. From those who are just putting their concept together to existing international businesses trying to enter the US market, we can help in a variety of ways. Companies we assist can be located nearly anywhere in the world and consist of any size. From raising those first few dollars to advanced rounds or maybe you don’t need the funding help, but have needs in other areas of your business, we can help!

We Are Not A Traditional Accelerator

While Start The Startup offers typical accelerator services we operate differently from other accelerators because we stay with you past your initial investment rounds. Our services go beyond advisory and include fractional management, sub-contractor and more. Where many accelerators have fixed advisory sessions throughout the year, we have a rolling admissions process so you can get the help you need at nearly any time of year. This means you are not thrust into a massive group of applicants competing for just a few spots. Instead, you are assessed on an individual basis with your specific needs directly addressed.

Our Relationships

Start The Startup builds and maintains relationships with individuals and companies around the globe including Angels, investor clubs, private equity groups, venture capitalists, lending institutions, investment banks, marketing, technology, operations, business development, sales and other companies which it leverages for your benefit. We will get you exposure to these relationships which can bring you investors, advisors, partners, vendors and employees to enhance your business and grow your company faster. You are never obligated to accept any service you don’t want, and we don’t remove your individuality to make you fit a model.  A person’s passion and personality are often the factor that separates you from your competition. We support you!

You Qualify To Apply

Although Start The Startup is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, a city known primarily for gambling, casino gaming and hospitality, we assist and support companies in more than 40 industries. We especially like those companies who want to relocate to Las Vegas, but this is not a requirement and is not held against you if you love your home. We also recognize that you can be wildly successful and not be a unicorn so while other accelerators may pass you up because you won’t be a billion-dollar firm, we know that success can be significant even at much lower levels. Click Start Here to start.

How We Work With You

Start The Startup begins with you completing a survey.  This allows us to develop an understanding of your company, your goals and the stage and status of your business. From there, a representative of ours will reach out to you to learn more and at that time, will ask for any additional information. Please do not submit or email business plans or other documentation before you have registered and heard from us. Sorry, we do not sign Non-Disclosure Agreements or Non-Competes during the introduction process. If you decide you want to work with us, we will then determine what is necessary.

The Process

Once Start The Startup has performed the introductory review and understands your goals, we will provide a variety of options for you. We offer many free services including meetings, online events, presentations and newsletters containing information that you may find of interest.  We will also publish inside our site information about events held by other companies along with a document bank of templates, worksheets, reports and other documents to help you. The exact process and timeline are dependent on your business, ability to commit time and organizational skills. In some cases, ultra-accelerated assistance can be arranged. We also offer third-party services provided to you at a discount.

Investors And Equity Funders

Start The Startup is happy to introduce investors, of all types to our participating businesses. In order to be efficient and respect your time, we ask that you complete the Investor survey which will ask basic questions to refine the introductions to those applicable to you. You can also indicate if you would like to receive updates about our participating companies to keep up to date on their progress. You may be periodically invited to events such as round tables or pitch/feedback sessions that you can participate in at your discretion. We do not sell your information and will only provide contact information to our participants with your approval.

Advisors And Vendors

Start The Startup welcomes any individual or company who is interested in providing non-equity funding, advice, assistance, products or services.  We do require you to register and provide information about you for us to review. We will reach out to you in order to understand you better. Expect to provide them at a better-than-public-price as part of our acceptance of you to our program. Advisors and vendors will be given an opportunity to introduce themselves to participants in our group free of charge with marketing options also available. We value everyone’s privacy and never sell contact information.